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Best Pizza Box Meets With Resounding Success. ( ) Deadline Set For Interested Parties - May 31, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Atlanta, GA  – Three weeks ago the Best Pizza Box was revealed to an Internet audience through a unique, innovative and successful website and product launch. As many have found out since that time, the most convenient take out and home delivered food… pizza – can now be… that much more convenient.

“Convenience is what ordering a pizza is all about. When you order a pizza, it’s convenient. But, when you have to deal with the packaging... it becomes difficult. Now all you have to do with the Best Pizza Box is pull the cord and decide whether you want to throw away the whole box or use half of it for storage in your refrigerator. We’ve taken what was the only inconvenient aspect of having Pizza for a meal... and made it far more convenient for the consumer,” said Bill Volz, President of Windshield Marketing and co-inventor of the Best Pizza Box.

The Best Pizza Box is a patent-pending unique pizza box that splits in half to form two small boxes. With a simple pull of a rip cord, a large pizza box is converted to one half its original size. Now consumers have a place to temporarily store their left over pizza in the refrigerator or easily dispose of both pieces in their kitchen trash can.

“Through a series of comedic commercials and instructional video shorts actually showing the box in action, as well as web articles and web 2.0 interactions… consumers have come to know this particular box – as the answer to the pizza box disposal dilemma”, said Jim Harris, President, Picture This Communications. We’ve been extremely pleased with the results of the program – we’re all excited that “Best Pizza Box” can be found on the first page of major search engines in just a few short weeks, most featuring our commercial and video shorts, said Harris.

This week, the Best Pizza Box team launches its latest video “Curse of the Pizza Box”, which can be found on, as well as on YouTube®.

The Best Pizza Box and its marketing program also caught the eye of Podcaster News. Last week, Ken Rayment of Better Process Podcasts spoke with Jim Harris about the Best Pizza Box marketing campaign. Listen to the podcaster interview.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “The success of our introduction has been tremendous. We knew we had a great product, but we were amazed as to the amount of interaction and feedback we received from the Internet population, said best pizza box co-inventor, Bill Volz. “We knew when we launched the box that whoever secures its rights, would significantly impact their market dynamics. Since launch, we’ve been approached by national pizza chains, box manufacturers, distributors, ad agencies and venture capitalists… and that’s aside from all of the feedback and inquiries we’ve been receiving from those who are participating in the $100,000 Challenge. Given the volume of interested parties – we’re announcing the deadline in which organizations should contact us”, said Volz.

The Best Pizza Box co-inventor Bill Volz announced that they will continue to take inquiries from interested parties through May 31 of this year, after which they will close down the program to advance the discussions with candidates.

Based on research, this innovative pizza box would offer tremendous value and brand loyalty to Independent Pizza Restaurants, and companies such as Domino’s®, Little Caesar’s®, Papa John’s® and Pizza Hut® – especially when tied to other promotions. “It is our intention to ink a deal with an interested party by late summer – in time for the fall promotional season,” said Volz.

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